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Mechanical HVAC in Kansas City, MO

One of the largest cities in the Midwest, Kansas City, Missouri is a hub of mechanical industry. A wide range of products are manufactured here, from automobiles and high-tech electronics to food, greeting cards, and cleaning chemicals. Powering these industrial facilities and processing plants are numerous mechanical systems, such as commercial heating and cooling equipment, process coolers, refrigeration systems, and industrial control systems.

At Lippert Mechanical, we specialize in the maintenance, repair, and installation of mechanical systems for large industrial and institutional facilities, including manufacturing plants, government buildings, community centers, and more. Our team of certified mechanical technicians has the skills and experience to handle even the most difficult mechanical problems, and we offer 24-hour emergency services to help your business avoid costly downtime.

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HVAC, Piping, Refrigeration & More in Kansas City

We offer a comprehensive list of mechanical services to fit the unique needs of your Kansas City business. When a problem arises with your mechanical equipment, our certified union technicians have a superior record of finding solutions quickly and efficiently. Among our services, we offer unparalleled expertise on design-build HVAC equipment installations and comprehensive service agreements to maintain your current equipment. And the best part? We are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From emergency service to routine maintenance, we have the breadth of services and the experience to help solve any mechanical issues that come your way.

The services we offer include:

We Specialize in Mechanical Services For:

Mechanical Service Contracts for Kansas City Businesses

We believe the maintenance of your system is what extends its life. Neglected mechanical equipment is more likely to need frequent repairs or complete replacement—costing you extra money. With regular maintenance, you can decrease downtime and reduce your energy bills. And, it’s the best way to minimize the unexpected and potentially costly emergency service call.

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As a division of Reedy Industries, Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation is the most complete, experienced, and highest-quality HVACRP + ES solutions provider in the Kansas City market. Founded in 1965 by the Lippert family, the company is MSCA Star Certified and only employs experienced, well-trained technicians in all areas of HVACR.

Whatever your needs are for commercial or industrial mechanical services in Missouri, Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation is here to help. We are committed to understanding your business needs to better serve you and offer the experience and stability you require!

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