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Industrial & Commercial Furnace Maintenance in Kansas City, St. Joseph & Topeka

For many businesses in the Kansas City area, commercial and industrial furnaces are a cost-effective and reliable way to provide heat in the winter, and they require less extensive care and maintenance than boilers or other heating solutions. To keep the furnaces at your business operating smoothly and efficiently throughout the heating season, it is important to have them inspected and serviced regularly.

At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, we provide complete maintenance services for industrial and commercial furnaces, and we offer convenient maintenance agreements that make the process cost-effective and hassle-free. We serve businesses throughout the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas of Missouri, as well as Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas. With our highly trained, union-certified technicians and our commitment to quality service, you can be sure all your industrial and commercial HVAC needs are taken care of reliably, professionally, and within budget.

To schedule industrial furnace maintenance in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or the surrounding areas, contact Lippert Mechanical today.

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Benefits of Routine Industrial Furnace Services in Topeka & Surrounding Areas

In a busy industrial or commercial environment, furnaces can be exposed to plenty of dust, heat, friction, moisture, and other factors that can cause premature component failure, efficiency losses, and more. Routine maintenance helps to correct these problems and keep your furnace in optimal condition, which can have several benefits for your business, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower utility costs
  • Fewer service calls and repairs
  • Less downtime
  • Longer furnace life
  • Better air quality
  • Improved employee comfort and productivity
  • And more

Our maintenance services at Lippert Mechanical are designed to be proactive, spotting problems before they cause failures, replacing worn parts early, and ensuring your furnace is operating as efficiently as possible. We service all common brands, and we work within the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations to ensure your furnace receives the care necessary to remain reliable.

Are you in need of industrial furnace services in Topeka, KS or the surrounding areas? Contact Lippert Mechanical today!

Furnace Maintenance in the Kansas City Area

Is your furnace in Kansas City performing like it should? At Lippert Mechanical, we offer both maintenance services as needed by your business and comprehensive maintenance plans that schedule service according to the specific needs of your equipment. During a typical maintenance visit for your furnace, our technicians will:


  • Carbon monoxide and flue gas levels
  • Airflow and temperature
  • Safeties and controls
  • Flame sensor and igniter operation
  • Blower motor current and voltage draw
  • Solenoid, relay, and limiter operation
  • Overall efficiency and operation


  • Combustion and ignition controls
  • Burner and combustion chamber condition
  • Heat exchanger and flue condition
  • Electrical wires, terminals, and contacts
  • Gas valves and gauges
  • Air ducts and air handler
  • Belt and pulley condition


  • Clean the burners and combustion chamber
  • Clan the air handler and blower assembly
  • Replace the air filter
  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Calibrate the thermostat and controls
  • Lubricate bearings, bushings, and other moving parts
  • And more

Our maintenance plans are custom designed to meet the needs of your facility and equipment. We also offer energy evaluations that can help you determine when it will be cost-effective to upgrade to the latest high-efficiency equipment, using real-world calculations that can demonstrate your potential energy savings. We feature a full line of energy-efficient HVAC equipment, as well as complete installation, replacement, and repair services.

We are the trusted HVAC company for all your industrial furnace services in Topeka, St. Joseph, and the surrounding areas in Kansas. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or Topeka

When you need reliable, professional maintenance for your industrial or commercial furnace, look no further than our team at Lippert Mechanical. With fast service throughout the Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Topeka areas, we can be a valuable partner for your business.

Contact us today to schedule industrial furnace maintenance at your Kansas City facility!


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