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Temperatures are climbing in the Kansas City area and it will not be long before your industrial or commercial AC systems will be running at full load. Now is the time to have them inspected and maintained to ensure that they are ready for the cooling season and to prevent unnecessary equipment problems.

The Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance for Industrial & Commercial Systems

Routine maintenance is critical to the performance and reliability of your industrial and commercial air conditioning systems. By having your equipment serviced on a regular basis, at least four times a year, your business can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy costs – AC equipment that is well-mainland, clean, lubricated, and adjusted will run smoother and easier, reducing overall energy consumption and utility costs.
  • Greater reliability – By repairing problems early and servicing critical components, your AC equipment will be less likely to break down or suffer from performance problems. This reduces your downtime and helps you avoid costly, unnecessary service calls.
  • Improved performance – With your AC equipment performing optimally, you can experience improved comfort, better air quality, and greater productivity,
  • Longer service life – When your air conditioning systems are serviced properly, they will experience less wear, heat, and friction, increasing their expected service life and protecting your equipment investment.

What Maintenance Is Required for Industrial & Commercial AC Equipment?

The maintenance requirements will vary by the type of air conditioning system and the manufacturer, but a service technician will typically complete the following steps:


  • Refrigerant system
  • Chilled water piping
  • Blower drives and bearings
  • Electrical connections, terminals, and wires
  • Condensate drains and pans
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Contactors


  • System operation and efficiency
  • Airflow and temperature
  • Voltage and amperage of fans, motors, and compressors
  • Refrigerant levels and pressures
  • Oil levels
  • Safeties and controls


  • Replace air filters
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils
  • Clean air handlers
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Lubricate bearings, pulleys, and other moving components

The entire system will also be inspected for issues that could cause major problems or failures in the future.

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs at Lippert Mechanical

At Lippert Mechanical Services Corporation, we work with industrial and commercial facilities to create custom preventative maintenance programs that are tailored to the needs of the business and its HVAC equipment. Our maintenance services can help to reduce energy costs, avoid unnecessary service calls, minimize downtime, and extend equipment life. They are a cost-effective way to protect your investment and help your business become more productive. We offer maintenance services for all types of AC equipment, including:

  • Rooftop AC units
  • Packaged systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless systems
  • Chillers
  • Process coolers
  • Cooling towers
  • Computer room & data center AC units
  • And more…

We also provide comprehensive repair and installation services, as well as 24/7 emergency service.

Schedule Industrial & Commercial AC Maintenance in Kansas City, MO

When your business needs cost-effective, reliable AC maintenance services in Missouri or Kansas, you can count on our team at Lippert Mechanical Services Corporation. We serve industrial and commercial businesses of all sizes in Kansas City, St. Joesph, Topeka, and Lawrence. For all your industrial and commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and piping needs, contact our team today!

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