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HVACR Certifications at Lippert Mechanical in Missouri

Founded in 1965, Lippert Mechanical serves as one of Missouri’s top HVACR companies. We operate on the basis of high standards, quality service, and relationship building. By hiring the most qualified and certified technicians, we are able to provide outstanding service to our customers. Whether it be repair, replacement, new installation, or maintenance of your commercial or industrial HVACR systems, you can expect nothing less than a high-quality experience. Want to learn more about our qualifications and certifications? Read on or contact us today! 

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What is an HVACR Certification?

HVAC certification means that a HVAC service technician is highly trained and qualified to perform installation and repair tasks. Technicians can become certified after passing exams that test a technician’s knowledge of the trade.

There are three types of certifications that your average HVAC technicians can obtain as professionals. Some states require technicians to become licensed and certified by passing exams, and the federal government regulates certification in the Code of Federal Regulations Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

These three certifications include:

  • Section 608 Certification. Known more commonly as the EPA HVAC certification, this qualification allows technicians to work with refrigerants, small HVAC systems, and high-pressure systems.
  • Universal EPA Certification. This certificate allows technicians to work on all types of systems.
  • NATE Certification. NATE is a non-profit organization offering nationally recognized certification programs for HVACR technicians. NATE certification is voluntary, but when techncians posess this high-level certification, you can rest easy knowing they are complete experts in the HVACR industry.

MSCA Star Certified HVACR Contractors in Kansas City, MO

Having a group of certified professional HVAC technicians operate on your commercial equipment can give you, our customers, peace of mind. When you work with Lippert Mechanical, you can be sure that your HVACR systems and more are in the hands of well-trained, highly skilled professionals.

We are also MSCA Star Certified. This is an achievement designation for service excellence awarded to an elite group of mechanical service contractors by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA), the nation’s leading trade association representing the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.

Schedule Industrial & Commercial HVACR Services in MO

Want a quality contractor operating on your commercial or industrial heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration equipment? Choose Lippert Mechanical. We offer high-quality services from certified technicians throughout Kansas City, Lawrence, and St. Joseph, Missouri.

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