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Industrial HVAC Units for Processing Plants in Topeka, KS & Surrounding Areas

Serving Chemical, Food & Other Processing Plants in the Greater Kansas City Area

Are you building a new industrial processing plant and want to ensure you have dependable industrial HVAC units at your Topeka, KS business? Is your plant currently experiencing an increase in energy bills and you’re looking for a way to minimize your utility costs? At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, our technicians are well-equipped to handle all of these issues and more in dealing with HVAC systems for industrial processing plants. We can help you determine if process cooling systems are best for your Kansas City, MO or surrounding area building or if a reciprocating chiller is necessary. You have many options for heating and cooling! Why not trust the dependable industrial HVAC manufacturers at Lippert Mechanical for your Overland Park business?

Want to learn more about our process cooling services for industrial processing plants in the Greater Kansas City area? Contact us today and schedule your appointment!

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Industrial HVAC Unit Services We Offer Processing Plants

Working in an industrial processing plant, you know there are plenty of mechanical issues that can occur. As professional, industrial HVAC manufacturers near Overland Park, KS, we make it our mission to limit your downtime as much as possible and provide you with well-functioning, accurate equipment. Some of the services we offer include:

Wondering if we offer a specific mechanical service relevant to your industrial processing plant? Contact our team today to find out and inquire about a future appointment.

Energy Savings for Industrial Processing Plants

Want to save money on your commercial heating and cooling bills? Would you love to conserve energy and still run an efficient industrial processing plant? With our preventative maintenance plans for industrial and commercial customers, we can help:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Improve indoor air quality

Our commercial HVAC maintenance plans include:

  • An examination of your current commercial HVAC system
  • Energy cost comparison with ENERGY STAR® certified equipment
  • Maintenance program recommendation plan
  • And more!

To schedule a maintenance appointment and improve the air quality in your industrial processing plant, contact Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation today!

Schedule Mechanical Services for Industrial Processing Plants in MO

Because no plant can afford an inefficient operation or unplanned downtime, we work hard to provide reliable, efficient services and solutions to all commercial HVAC and mechanical problems. We can assist you in the modernization of your facility, the installation and repair of your equipment, and general and preventive plant maintenance. You can trust our industrial HVAC manufacturers at your Overland Park or surrounding area business.

To learn more about our mechanical services for industrial processing plants in the Greater Kansas City area, contact our team today!


We are excited to answer all of your questions and concerns. Please feel free to click below to contact us and get started today!