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Boiler Replacement in Kansas City, St. Joseph & Lawrence/Topeka

A typical industrial or commercial boiler can last over 25 years when it has received regular service and repairs. Replacing a boiler can be a significant investment, but in many cases, it can be a cost-effective choice if your system is approaching the end of its service life, as a new boiler can reduce the energy costs at your facility, provide better performance, and take advantage of the latest technologies.

At Lippert Mechanical Services, we can help your business determine when it is financially advisable to upgrade to a new boiler. Our experts can evaluate your system and perform a cost-benefit analysis that compares the costs of operating an older, inefficient system to the potential energy savings that a boiler replacement could provide in the long-term.

If you decide to upgrade, we offer complete replacement services for steam and hot water boilers, and our expert technicians will ensure that the installation is done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout St. Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas.

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When to Consider Boiler Replacement

As a boiler ages, it will gradually decline in efficiency and performance, and it may develop problems that make replacement a viable option. You should consider a new boiler for your facility when:

  • Maintenance and repair costs have risen significantly. If your boiler is no longer reliable without frequent repairs and maintenance, it may be time to consider an upgrade. A replacement may also be necessary if it has major heat exchanger problems, corrosion issues, or other critical failures.
  • Your boiler is inefficient. A boiler that is over 20 years old will often be significantly less efficient than a new model, and by upgrading, you can reduce the energy costs at your facility substantially.
  • Replacement parts are hard to find. When necessary to search everywhere for replacement parts or to have them fabricated at high costs, a new boiler may be a more cost-effective option.
  • The boiler is expensive to operate. If you are trying to cut costs, a new, energy-efficient boiler will often reduce your repair and energy costs significantly, earning back the initial investment quickly.

At Lippert Mechanical Services, our team can inspect your boiler and give you accurate, realistic advice about your repair and replacement options.

Industrial & Commercial Boiler Replacement

When you are ready to install a new boiler, our team can provide complete installation services for hot water or steam boilers of all types, including systems from Bryant, Burnham, Cleaver Brooks, Peerless, and Weil McLain. Our experts will work quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your business’s operations. To prepare for your boiler replacement, you should consider several important factors, such as:

  • The amount of time between ordering and installation
  • Preparation of the boiler’s installation site
  • How the exiting boiler will be removed
  • Permitting and code compliance
  • Fuel choice, such as natural gas, waste products, or biofuels
  • Required safety features and technologies
  • Business continuity plans during the installation process

We can work with your company to help you address all these issues before the installation, making the process as smooth as possible.

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