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Computer Room AC in Kansas City, MO

Serving businesses since 1965, we keep computer room AC systems running at peak performance, so you can rely on our services. We design energy-efficient cooling systems for computer rooms. Our air conditioning systems will help you save on your monthly energy bills, eliminate heat generated by technology in your building, and keep your space cool and comfortable throughout the year. Our cooling systems are ideal for computer rooms, data centers, and other commercial and industrial facilities.

Have questions about our computer room AC services for your Missouri business? Contact the team at Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation now!

Computer Room AC Repair

Having your computer room or data center air conditioning be out of commission can have serious effects on your business. If your AC systems are not operating efficiently—or failing to operate at all—you need commercial AC repair. At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, our HVAC technicians are well-trained and highly experienced in diagnosing and repairing all types of computer room AC problems. If the AC in your computer room or data center is on the fritz, our team can help!

Computer Room AC Installation

At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, we aim to provide our commercial and industrial customers with excellent installation services. When it comes to installing industrial heating, cooling, and mechanical equipment, you need a team of installation experts. Our HVAC technicians are well-trained and have years of experience working on commercial properties. Correct installation of a computer room air conditioning system is incredibly important to the safety and efficiency of your business, and our installation experts are ones you can trust.

Computer Room AC Maintenance

We offer customized preventative maintenance plans on cooling systems for computer rooms. Regular maintenance is just about the best thing you can do for your air conditioning systems, minimizing the need for costly repairs and extending the lifespan of your equipment. When you choose our preventative maintenance plan, our certified technicians will perform a routine tune-up on all your computer room AC systems. We will check electrical connections, pressure levels, energy levels, and more. Our technicians will inspect your system for any leaks, clean your unit, change your filters, and lubricate the motor and blower bearings.

Schedule Computer Room AC Services in Kansas City, Lawrence, & St. Joseph

Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation is here to help with all your computer room AC needs. Our prompt and efficient commercial air conditioning repairs can help prevent any damage to your property and equipment that may be caused by overheating. We specialize in commercial air conditioning, so you can count on our trained professionals to get the job done!

If you need to schedule maintenance or repair on your commercial computer room AC equipment or you need to install a new system, contact the team at Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation now!

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