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Commercial Heating Maintenance in Kansas City, Missouri

In the Midwest, a functioning and efficient heating system is vital. If your heating goes out, your entire operation might be forced to a halt, which costs precious time and money. All heating systems benefit from regular preventative maintenance. At Lippert Mechanical Service Corp., we have been servicing electric, steam, hot water, and gas heating systems since 1965—we know what it takes to keep a commercial heating system running smoothly.

For commercial or industrial heating maintenance in Kansas City, Lawrence, or St. Joseph, contact us online now.

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Why Is Heating Maintenance Important?

Imagine your business’s heating system going out, potentially for days at a time. That would cause a significant disruption to the operation of your business! Preventive maintenance helps avoid that huge inconvenience, while also increasing your system’s efficiency and lifespan. This can also help to decrease your heating bills due to reduced fuel or energy usage. And finally, our heating maintenance will give you peace of mind that your system is in good shape so that you can focus on what matters most: your business.

If you go too long without maintaining your system, there are numerous repercussions that can result. Your heating costs can skyrocket as the units struggle to produce the demanded output with build-up in their parts and filters. This, in turn, impacts the quality of your indoor air, leading your employees to breathe lower quality air, which can result in health issues down the line. And finally, if all this build-up leads to a serious malfunction in the system, the cost of bringing it back to normal functionality can be rather significant.

Our Industrial & Commercial Heating Maintenance Services in Kansas City

When it comes to maintaining your heating system, you need a mechanical company you can trust to keep your system running smoothly without causing any disruption to the operation of your business. Lippert Mechanical has been providing Kansas City businesses with comprehensive heating maintenance services for decades—we know what your commercial heating system needs to stay efficient and effective.

We offer maintenance for electric heating systems, steam heating systems, hot water heating systems, and gas heating systems. Our commercial and industrial heating maintenance includes:

  • Comprehensive tests: In order to determine the status of your system, we start by testing the vital components such as gas pressure, safeties and controls, operation, and efficiency.
  • Thorough inspection: Once testing is complete, we assess the firebrick and refractory; burner, heat exchanger, and flue; combustion controls; and contractors.
  • Professional tune-up: Our maintenance wraps up with a tune-up on various moving parts of the system, including a burner cleaning, control calibration, gas pressure adjustment, and combustion analysis.

Schedule Commercial Heating Maintenance in Missouri

If you’ve been searching for a trustworthy, professional mechanical services provider in the Kansas City area, look no further than Lippert Mechanical. Our decades of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the most trusted name in commercial and industrial mechanical services. Our HVAC services go beyond heating maintenance, including replacement and repair.

For industrial and commercial heating maintenance in Kansas City, MO; Lawrence, KS; or Topeka, KS, contact us online today!


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