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Ice Rink Cooling & Refrigeration Services in Kansas City, MO

Indoor ice rinks provide year-round entertainment for the community and places for professional athletes to practice or perform. Such facilities rely on extensive mechanical systems to operate, such as chillers to cool the ice slab and powerful air conditioning systems to keep the facility cold enough to support the ice.

At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, we offer installation, maintenance, and repair services for ice rink equipment, including HVAC systems, process coolers, chillers, piping, and control systems. Our professionals can help you to keep your facility operating smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and increasing your revenue potential. We serve industrial and commercial clients throughout the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas in Missouri, as well as Lawrence, Kansas.

For more information about our ice rink refrigeration services in Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas, contact Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation today!

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Mechanical Services for Ice Rinks in Kansas City

Ice rinks require an extensive refrigeration system to generate the ice needed for a smooth skating surface, as well as an extensive HVAC system to control the temperature throughout the facility, including the rink itself, offices, restrooms, and concessions areas. The ice rink cooling services at your Kansas City business are very important. At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, our services for ice rinks include:

Installation: Design and installation of chiller systems and piping to cool the ice slab and generate the playing surface, as well as installation of HVAC systems to keep each area of the facility at the proper temperature and refrigeration systems for concession stands or food services.

Maintenance: Regular care and maintenance for the HVAC and refrigeration equipment, including tasks like changing air filters, cleaning coils, lubricating components, and checking refrigerant levels.

Repair: Replacing worn or damaged components, such as belts, refrigerant lines, piping, compressors, or blower motors.

We service a variety of commercial equipment, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, rooftop AC units, chillers, process coolers, air handlers, control systems, refrigeration equipment, and more.

To learn more about our available ice rink cooling options in Kansas City, MO, contact us today!

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Ice Rink Equipment

At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, we can work with your facility to develop a care and maintenance plan that keeps your HVAC and refrigeration equipment running properly and efficiently. Our comprehensive maintenance programs have many benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy costs: When your equipment is properly maintained, it can run more efficiently and reduce the costs of heating, cooling, and refrigeration for your facility.
  • Fewer service calls: Regular maintenance can prevent unnecessary repairs and allow problems to be caught early before they cause more extensive system damage.
  • Longer equipment life: HVAC and refrigeration equipment can last longer when properly maintained.

Our basic maintenance services include:

  • Changing HVAC air filters
  • Cleaning air handlers
  • Cleaning HVAC, chiller, and refrigeration coils
  • Checking refrigerant, oil, and other fluid levels
  • Cleaning condensate drains
  • Lubricating moving components
  • Inspecting electrical and control systems
  • And much more!

Our maintenance programs will be customized to the needs of your facility and equipment, and our professionals will ensure that all tasks are performed according to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer.

To learn more about our maintenance services and ice rink refrigeration in Kansas City, contact us today!

Schedule Ice Rink Cooling Services in Kansas City, MO

Whether you need a new chiller installed or some simple HVAC maintenance, our team at Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation can help with all the HVAC and refrigeration needs of your facility. We feature licensed, certified HVACR professionals with extensive commercial and industrial experience, and we can work with your facility to provide the services you need, within your budget requirements.

Contact us today to schedule mechanical services in Lawrence, KS or St. Joseph or Kansas City, MO.


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