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DDC Controls for Pneumatic HVAC Systems

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Do you own a business or manage a facility in the Kansas City area? One of your goals is probably to increase building efficiency and save money over the long term. If so, you may be frustrated with your current underperforming pneumatic HVAC system. Did you know you can improve building performance without entirely reworking your system?

At Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation, we have experience installing wireless direct digital controls (DDC) into existing pneumatic systems. This is the key to optimizing control of your equipment to decrease the overall cost of running the unit while still protecting the investment you made in your existing HVAC system.

Want to learn more about adding DDC to your current pneumatic control system? If so, please contact Lippert Mechanical to schedule an appointment to meet with our expert team.

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What Is a DDC System?

A pneumatic HVAC system with DDC controls is one of the best ways to save money on energy bills and keep an entire, large building comfortable. Warehouses and other large commercial buildings tend to have many different rooms, and each room has to be a different temperature to keep the place running. That is where the DDC control system comes in! The DDC system allows one or a few people to monitor and adjust the HVAC settings for different rooms to keep temperatures optimal. It can be done from a computer or even a phone— depending on the system you have in place.

Why Direct Digital Control Matters for Your Business

Pneumatic systems use air as the control for HVAC systems. Because pneumatic systems compress the air and then send it through piping to the area being heated or cooled, there are many ways to optimize your system to perform at its best. Although pneumatic systems are effective, they rely on independent indicators from thermostat sensors, which can cause fluctuations in reading the current temperature.

Adding DDC to a pneumatic HVAC system gives you precise airflow measurements to direct air exactly where it’s needed. Direct digital controls provide instructions to the system regarding air pressure, temperature, and humidity to then use resources in a targeted way. Studies have shown that adding a DDC system leads to, on average, 15% greater financial and energy savings. Utility rebates may also be available to increase your savings. By directing air only to areas that need an increase in temperature—not indiscriminately system-wide—there will be better energy efficiency, happier employees or tenants, and savings in utilities.

Contact Lippert Mechanical for DDC control installation at your industrial business today!

DDC Installation for Pneumatic HVAC Systems

When you choose Lippert Mechanical for DDC installation, you can expect your pneumatic system to experience a noticeable performance increase. This saves you money immediately and over the long term. In addition, we can help you qualify for utility rebates that increase your upfront savings and improve your return on investment.

Adding direct digital controls to your system requires help from a knowledgeable professional. Lippert Mechanical has over 50 years of experience in the commercial and industrial HVAC industry, making us highly qualified for the job. We’ll make sure your system is up and running properly before we call the job complete. Then, we’ll be here for you 24/7 if you ever need help with your direct digital controls.

DDC Allows for Intelligent HVAC System Usage

Adding DDC to an existing HVAC system can better allow for precision. A few of the ways that DDC optimizes your HVAC system include:

  • Zone-specific comfort
  • System coordination
  • Scheduling for holidays and work hours
  • Trend monitoring
  • Load shedding
  • Electronic temperature-sensors
  • Computer-based data collection
  • Economizer control
  • Reading airflow rates
  • Remote adjustment of parameters

Sensor data can send alarms and notifications to alert service personnel. You get live updates on temperatures and never have to worry if your server room might melt because no one has checked the temperature on the hottest day in July.

Contact Lippert Mechanical to install DDC controls in your commercial HVAC system today!

Maintenance Matters for Industrial and Commercial Properties

Lippert Mechanical Services offers maintenance plans to save you time and money while working to extend the life of your HVAC system. We provide maintenance for your equipment, keeping everything from fan coil spilt systems to rooftop units running smoothly.

Regular maintenance can help do the following:

  • Minimize unexpected and costly maintenance calls
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Prevent service calls for broken-down equipment
  • Keep equipment well maintained so it lasts longer
  • Avoid downtime for repairs

Why Choose Lippert Mechanical Services?

If you are looking for a mechanical contractor, we are here to help. Industrial and commercial businesses have been coming to us for all HVAC needs since 1965. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We have over 40 years of experience in industrial and commercial HVAC
  • Our technicians are highly experienced and union-certified
  • We provide professional, personalized service that has turned many of our jobs into long-term relationships
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service

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