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Refrigerant Conversions for Kansas City Businesses

Many air conditioning systems that are still in use today rely on R-22, an HCFC-based refrigerant that contributes to ozone depletion in the atmosphere. The ozone layer helps to protect against UV radiation, which can cause skin cancer, cataracts, and other health problems with excessive exposure. Since R-22 is being phased out to create healthier atmospheres for everyone, any old HVAC system that runs on that refrigerant is in need of commercial HVAC services in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas.

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The Phaseout of R-22

As part of the Clean Air Act, R-22 is being phased out in favor of more environmentally friendly refrigerants, such as R-410A, and by 2020, import and production of R-22 will be completely banned. Though current equipment with R-22 can still be used and repaired with existing or reclaimed R-22 supplies, as the ban approaches and supplies dwindle, R-22 is becoming prohibitively expensive. In many cases replacing older R-22-based equipment is the best option, but if your current equipment still has plenty of usable life, a conversion to R-410A may be a viable, cost-effective option.

At Lippert Mechanical, we offer conversion services for equipment with R-22, including air conditioners, heat pumpsrefrigeration systems, and more. With over 50 years of industry experience and the latest industry certifications, we can make sure that your refrigeration conversion is done properly and professionally. We serve businesses throughout the Kansas City, MO area, including St. Joseph, MO and Lawrence, KS.

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Process of Refrigerant Conversions in Topeka, KS & Surrounding Areas

An R-22 refrigerant conversion is not a simple process of removing the R-22 and replacing it with R-410A. R-410A uses a synthetic lubricant, unlike the petroleum-based oil in R-22, and any water that remains in the system can cause significant damage. Additionally, R-410A has slightly different properties than R-22, including higher operating pressures, and components like the compressor, expansion valve, and accumulator must be replaced. The conversion process typically includes:

  • Removing the R-22 with a recovery machine
  • Sequestering the R-22 in a recovery tank
  • Removing moisture with a vacuum pump
  • Flushing any remaining oil and residue from the system
  • Replacing components incompatible with R-410A
  • Sealing the system and charging it with R-410A

To discuss whether a refrigerant conversion at your Topeka, KS or surrounding area business is a viable option, contact our team today!

Commercial HVAC Service in Kansas City, MO

It is recommended that existing refrigeration systems are surveyed for their current condition to decide whether to keep them in use under close supervision to minimize refrigerant loss or replace them altogether. The pros at Lippert Mechanical Service Corporation have the experience and expertise to inspect your current system and provide valuable feedback and suggestions. Whether you are a grocery retailer or another business looking to convert refrigeration and HVAC systems to acceptable HFC alternatives, Lippert Mechanical is here to help!

Schedule Refrigerant Conversion for Your Topeka-Area Business

It’s important to choose a company you can trust when scheduling your refrigerant conversions. We have the industry knowledge and extensive experience to offer reliable services to property owners.

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