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Commercial Ventilation Services in Kansas City

When working with manufacturing plants, we optimize the ventilation system to exhaust contaminated air away from employees and fill the plant with safe air. Adept at removing welding fumes, solvent gases, and mists through ventilation, we provide your plant’s employees with clean air.

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Industrial Ventilation System Designs

There are three primary types of ventilation systems, and they each address different aspects of a potentially hazardous environment. We can provide design, installation, repair, and maintenance services for all of these structures. We work on the following ventilation systems:

Indoor Air Quality Ventilation
This system works by providing fresh heated or cooled air to the building’s interior space through your existing HVAC system.

Dilution Ventilation
Using the entire air supply in the building, this option dilutes the chemical substances by blowing in some clean air and exhausting a portion of the dirty air. Using exhaust fans placed either in walls or in the roof, we create clear pathways for contaminated air to be removed and then fill that vacuum with replacement air.

Local Exhaust Ventilation
A local exhaust ventilation system removes contaminants at or very near the release site, and local exhaust then funnels that air outside. Primarily used in situations like welding or when there is exposure to highly toxic chemicals, a hood transports the toxic chemicals through the ductwork, then blows the chemicals out of the building through an industrial exhaust stack powered by internal fans. Some local exhaust ventilation systems also incorporate an air cleaner, either to capture as much contaminant dust as possible or to reduce air pollution.

When it comes to industrial ventilation, Lippert Mechanical has the knowledge and resources to provide a variety of quality ventilation services. Contact us today to get started!

Keep Your Industrial Environment Safe

Safety is our first concern when working on your ventilation system. Ventilation exists to create a more secure environment for your facility’s employees, so when we work on your ventilation, we create comprehensive solutions for your building.

We inspect, repair, and maintain the following:

  • Dilution ventilation
  • Local exhaust ventilation
  • Hoods
  • Ducts
  • Ductwork
  • Air cleaner
  • Fans
  • Exhaust stack
  • Cooling fans

Our thorough maintenance also checks for the following:

  • Clogged air cleaners
  • Broken or slipping fan belt
  • Fan wiring
  • Closed dampers in the ductwork
  • Inadequate supply of makeup air
  • Cross drafts from cooling fans
  • Contaminant source measurement
  • Incorrect airflow

When you trust Lippert Mechanical with your ventilation services, you are guaranteed that your safety will be put first.

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The Importance of Ventilation Maintenance

Ventilation is a key component in protecting your workers from hazardous chemicals, so our failure prevention programs work to keep your system performing at its best. We offer thorough maintenance programs that optimize your system now, thus working to prevent future breakdowns from happening. The benefits of our preventative maintenance for your ventilation system are as follows:

  • Prevent costly service calls
  • Minimize unexpected service calls
  • Keep equipment well maintained longer
  • Keep equipment lasting longer
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Avoid downtime

We are experts in our field, so get in touch with us online or by calling  for your industrial ventilation system needs!