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Piping Services

Piping Installation in Topeka, KS & Kansas City, MO

High-quality, professionally-installed piping systems are necessary for many commercial and industrial facilities, from large office buildings, schools, and hospitals to manufacturing plants and food processors. They deliver the water, steam, and compressed air necessary for daily operations like heating and cooling the building, cooling manufacturing processes, and powering pneumatic equipment. Without a proper installation, these piping systems can become a burden, requiring frequent repairs and maintenance to remain operational.

At Lippert Mechanical Services, we provide professional piping installation throughout Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri, as well as Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas. We serve all types of commercial and industrial facilities, and our certified technicians have extensive experience with hot water, chilled water, steam, compressed air, gas, and process piping systems.

Do you need a new piping system or an upgrade installed? To schedule a piping installation at your business in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or Lawrence, contact Lippert Mechanical Services today!

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Piping Installation Services in the Kansas City Area

At Lippert Mechanical Services, we can work with your business to determine your piping needs and provide a cost-effective, professional installation that meets all local, state, and federal regulations. Our piping installation services include:

  • Water pipes – Our team can install water pipes made from PVC, copper, or galvanized steel for equipment and processes that require hot water, chilled water, or both. Copper is most common for water distribution, though steel is also used in commercial settings.
  • Steam piping – Our technicians can install high- or low-pressure steam piping for boilers, heat exchangers, control systems, and manufacturing equipment. We have extensive experience with steam piping and can ensure that it is installed safely, with quality pipes and fittings that are properly rated for the pressures involved.
  • Compressed air piping – We offer aluminum, copper, and steel piping for compressed air installations, and we can size the system to provide adequate flow and pressure for the equipment at your facility.
  • Gas piping – Our experts can install gas piping to supply boilers, furnaces, industrial ovens, and other commercial systems. We can size the piping for the desired equipment and ensure that the installation is safe and leak-free.

Our technicians have the equipment and experience to install all common pipes, fittings, valves, control systems, and related components, and we can help you custom-design a system that meets your requirements. We also offer complete piping repair and maintenance services to keep your piping in great condition, as well as comprehensive maintenance programs to make the process convenient and cost-effective.

For piping installation in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or Topeka, contact us today!

Why Choose Lippert Mechanical Services for Piping Installation?

At Lippert Mechanical Services, we strive to offer the best service possible to our customers and we feature:

  • More than 40 years of Commercial HVAC and piping experience
  • Talented, union-certified technicians with the latest industry credentials
  • Professional service that is tailored to your business needs
  • 24- hour emergency service

Schedule Piping Installation Services in Missouri or Kansas

Whether you need piping for new boiler or chilled water for a process cooler, your business can count on our team at Lippert Mechanical Services for quality piping installations throughout Missouri and Kansas.

Give us a call at (816) 241-4442, or contact us online to schedule a piping installation at your KS or MO facility, or to request a detailed estimate!


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