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Rental Chillers

Rental Chillers in Kansas City, St. Joseph & Lawrence/Topeka

Whether they are used for cooling a building or for cooling industrial processes like injection molding, tool and die cutting, machining, or food production, chillers are a critical subsystem for many commercial and industrial facilities. Even with redundant systems in place, a high-volume facility can experience chiller failures or malfunctions, or it may require temporary cooling as mechanical systems are upgraded or installed.

When your business in the Kansas City area needs a portable, efficient chiller system for emergencies or temporary use, talk to our team at Lippert Mechanical Services Corporation. We offer rental chillers throughout Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri, as well as Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas. Our expert industrial HVAC technicians can deliver a portable chiller, set it up, and make sure it operates properly and complies with all applicable codes. We have been serving businesses in Missouri and Kansas since 1965, providing comprehensive industrial and commercial heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and piping services.

For rental chillers in Kansas City or the surrounding areas, contact Lippert Mechanical today.

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Why Consider Using Lippert Mechanical’s Rental Chillers for Your Kansas Business?

Many businesses rely on their chillers for everyday operation, whether the business is cooling a large office building, manufacturing tools and equipment, or producing food or chemicals. When a chiller breaks down, or your facility is replacing its current chillers, having a powerful and efficient source of temporary cooling can offer several benefits:

  • Reduced downtime when a chiller malfunctions or new equipment is installed
  • More time to complete repairs properly or to design and install permanent chillers
  • Simple transition from rental units to the facility’s internal chillers
  • Expert setup, care, and service
  • Flexible rentals, including short and long-term options

At Lippert Mechanical, we offer portable chillers with a range of capacities to meet the demands of your business, and our expert technicians can deliver the chiller, connect the piping and electrical systems, and make sure everything meets code for reliable, efficient performance.

Contact us today to arrange chiller rentals in Kansas or Missouri.

Chiller Rentals in the Kansas City Area

Our rental chillers at Lippert Mechanical are an ideal way to keep your business running normally while you upgrade your mechanical systems, renovate your facility, or service malfunctioning chiller systems. Our chiller rental services feature:

  • Both short-term and long-term rentals available, from a few weeks to several months or longer
  • Year-round and extended rentals available with no long-term limits
  • Rentals can include full setup, from delivering the system to connecting the piping and electrical
  • Quality portable chiller systems with dependable, efficient performance and straightforward operation
  • Cost-effective pricing with superior service and support from our commercial HVAC team

Your business can count on Lippert Mechanical for all your temporary cooling needs. Whether you need a chiller for a few weeks or a few years, we are happy to help. In addition to chiller rentals, we also offer chiller installation, replacement, and repairs, as well as design/build services, mechanical construction, piping services, and more.

For more information about our chiller services in the Kansas City area, contact us today.

Schedule Chiller Rentals in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or Topeka

Don’t let equipment breakdowns, chiller replacements, or complex renovations interrupt the operation of your business. Contact our team at Lippert Mechanical to arrange chiller rentals for commercial and industrial facilities in the Kansas City or Topeka area.

Contact us online to schedule a chiller rental in Kansas or Missouri today!


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