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Rooftop Unit Maintenance

Rooftop Unit Maintenance in Kansas City, MO & Topeka, KS

Rooftop packaged units are the comfort control system of choice for thousands of commercial and industrial businesses all throughout Kansas City and St. Joseph. As one of the more efficient, economical, and reliable options on the market, they make a superior investment. However, in order to get the quality of performance you want out of your RTUs, you’ll need a tailored maintenance program.

For seamless maintenance programs and a higher tier of service and reliability, businesses in our area choose Lippert Mechanical Services. Our service teams carry the extensive knowledge, training, and tools needed to provide leading maintenance solutions, helping your rooftop units to get the care and attention they need in order to operate at peak performance levels.

For leading maintenance services and specialized RTU tune-up programs in Missouri and Kansas, contact Lippert Mechanical online!

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Why Is Rooftop Packaged Unit Maintenance Important?

Rooftop units are widely trusted in part because of their durability and general performance reliability. However, because of how much we rely on them, these systems are exposed to extensive wear and tear. Without appropriate maintenance in place, a rooftop unit will steadily lose heating and cooling power and efficiency and may experience more frequent breakdowns over time.

A smart maintenance program counteracts the common symptoms and results of wear and time, preserving the effectiveness of your HVAC systems and saving you money and frustration.

Our Maintenance Process for RTUs

At Lippert Mechanical, our team takes a custom and comprehensive approach to maintenance services. We firmly believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution, as most businesses and RTU systems are wholly unique. That means your maintenance program should be tailored to your needs for the best results, and that is why we perform a full assessment of your structure and system in order to build the ideal routine to meet your needs.

An effective maintenance program for rooftop package equipment should take into account all of the basics of HVAC—refrigerant level inspections, performance evaluation, cleaning and calibration—but it should also encompass additional specifics, such as monitoring air load capacities and extensive testing.

Rooftop Unit Maintenance in Kansas & Missouri

With the aid of our experienced maintenance teams, your business can bank on enjoying a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Higher comfort performance
  • Greater RTU equipment efficiency and minimal energy waste
  • Minimal risks of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Longer RTU system lifespan

Schedule RTU Maintenance in MO & KS

For maintenance services that focus on offering your business higher performance and energy efficiency ratings, trust Lippert Mechanical to bring you ideal products and services. We offer a wide range of support services for rooftop systems, including installation and repair, giving you access to all you need for reliable HVAC solutions in Missouri or Kansas

Contact Lippert Mechanical online to schedule your rooftop unit maintenance service in Topeka, St. Joseph, Kansas City, or the surrounding areas!


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