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Rooftop Unit Repair

Rooftop HVAC Unit Repair in Kansas City, MO & Topeka, KS

With their modular designs, rooftop HVAC units provide an easy way to add heating and cooling to a commercial or industrial building, and that same design allows convenient access for repairs, when required. For a business, fast repairs are a desirable feature, as any downtime can have a significant financial impact.

When repairs are necessary for a rooftop unit, your business can count on Lippert Mechanical Services for fast service and reliable results. We offer rooftop unit repairs and 24-hour emergency service in the greater Kansas City area, including St. Joseph, MO and Topeka, KS. Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and repair most common problems, helping your business get back to work faster.

For rooftop HVAC unit repairs in the Kansas City area, contact our team today.

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When to Have a Rooftop Unit Repaired

Because they are exposed to the elements, rooftop units are designed to be durable, but problems can still occur. Often you will notice symptoms of a problem before the rooftop unit fails completely, allowing you to have it repaired before it has too much of an impact on your business. To prevent costly downtime, have your rooftop unit inspected if you notice any of the following:

  • Sudden increases in energy costs
  • Problems starting or running properly
  • No air output or reduced volume
  • Unusually high humidity
  • System shuts off before reaching set temperature
  • Water is dripping or pooling nearby
  • System is producing strange sounds or odors
  • Increasing or unusual vibrations
  • Reduced comfort or air quality

Call our team at Lippert Mechanical if any of these problems are present. Our experts will respond quickly and perform a full inspection of your rooftop unit to determine the cause. With our 24-hour emergency services, we are available anytime for help.

Contact us today to have your rooftop unit in the Kansas City area inspected.

24-Hour Rooftop Unit Repairs in Kansas City, St. Joseph & Topeka

A malfunctioning rooftop unit can disrupt your business and cause expensive losses. At Lippert Mechanical, we will work diligently to diagnose and repair your rooftop unit with as little downtime as possible. Our technicians have the latest industry training and experience and they can perform many complex rooftop unit repairs in the field, including:

    • Compressor replacements
    • Start capacitor or relay replacements
    • Refrigerant line repairs
    • Evaporator or condenser repairs
    • Gas burner replacements
    • Electronic ignition or flame sensor repairs

  • Blower fan or condenser fan replacements
  • Condensate drain pan or pump repairs
  • Blower drive motor replacements
  • Air handler or duct repairs
  • Control circuit or sensor replacements
  • Electrical system repairs

If your rooftop unit is not cost-effective to repair, we also offer replacement services. An upgrade to a new, energy-efficient model could reduce your operating costs significantly.

To schedule rooftop unit repairs in Kansas City or Topeka, contact us today.

Maintenance Plans for Rooftop Units in the Kansas City Area

The most effective way to avoid problems with your rooftop unit is through preventative maintenance. We can design a custom maintenance program around the specific needs of your equipment and facility. Our maintenance programs can help your business to:

  • Extend rooftop unit service life
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Prevent downtime
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Improve comfort

Contact us today to take advantage of our custom maintenance programs!

Schedule Rooftop Unit Repairs in Kansas City, MO

Keep your business operating longer and avoid downtime with rooftop unit repairs from our team at Lippert Mechanical. We proudly offer superior service and workmanship on every job we perform.

To schedule RTU repair in Kansas City, St. Joseph, or Topeka, contact us today!


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